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Made from the highest quality human hair available, Top piece  designed to create a natural looking fullness. Add this topper to existing hair for an easy to use solution to thinning hair that may be lacking body. This hair piece is attached to a breathable base that offers flexibility for a natural look that can be attached to existing hair. This piece can be angled, attached vertically, or horizontally, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. 7-14 days 

Silky Hair , is the best quality in the hair market.
1️⃣100% Cuticle Aligned
2️⃣Cut from one donor healthy ends.
3️⃣Lest up 2-3 years with good care 

it comes in different length can contact me if you would like a longer length, Prices varies

We can also make all kinds of bases  custom orders now, production time is 10-17weeks only. :)

Toppiece Crown Topper

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